Of Marriage of Convenience And Biometric Marriage Certificate

The recent regulations pertaining to Zimbabwe’s biometric marriage certificate come as no surprise at all. Zimbabwean authorities have for the longest time been wary of foreigners engaging in marriage fraud.

Our brothers from Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo, are said to rank high on the list of people who ask Zimbabwean women to enter into marriages of convenience so that they can obtain residence permits.

The reality is that marriage fraud will continue for as long as foreigners feel that being a citizen in Zimbabwe gives them certain advantages, especially those of a monetary nature.

Fraudsters will promise naive women love, babies and a happy family, the clever women will simply get paid.

The fact of the matter is that Bio-metric Marriage Certificates are a good first step but crooks will soon figure how to beat the system.

After verifying the marriage at the initial stage a lot more has to be done after approval of the marriage. For instance other countries have investigators who spy on the marriage for the first two years.

We know of a guy in one country who has a job that checks on couples to see it their marriage is real. This checking includes visiting the couple’s home to see if they are living as married people do and also watching the couple from a distance to see if they are “normal” For Zimbabwe, we simply just don’t have the money for all that.

The irony of this whole situation is that while foreign men are trying to become Zimbabwean citizens there are a few Zimbabwean men, who wish they could somehow prove they were from Nigeria or from the DRC, so that they could delay entering into marriage.