Mandela Gets Bank Notes; Whose Face Will Be On Zim Currency?

So former South Africa president Nelson Mandela has been immortalised by having his face all over South Africa’s newly circulated bank notes.

The 94 year-old who became SA’s first black president is not seen  in public but is something of a demi-god. So we kinda saw this coming at some point in time, so kudos to SA on that decision.

Now Zimbabwe hasn’t had a currency for a while. We kind of prostitute ourselves, mainly with the Rand and the US dollar.

Now in the event  of us reverting to our own currency, in the next couple of somethings, which Zimbabwean heroes would you put on our notes.

Would people cop-out off trying to use post colonial faces and use Mbuya Nehanda and the likes on our notes.

Interesting when you think of it. Whose faces do you think deserve to be on our currency?

  • tee one

    has to be our president he has done much for this country