Man Sued For Dumping Woman

A big businessman in Hwange is being sued by a jilted lover for what the H Metro reports as a breach of promise to marry.

Kevin Mahlangu, 34 promised to marry Rimbidzai Gwese, 21 but then changed his mind later. She is suing him for $45,000 -US$15 000 for breach of promise to marry, US$15 000 for sexual abuse and another US$15 000 for the risk of being infected with HIV/Aids as well as the cost of the suit.

She says she lost her virginity to him and he got sex from her as and when he wanted but then chased her away because he had lost all affection for her.

Now he is knee-deep in it.

I think there is one way of looking at this. A guy did what guys in Zimbabwe usually do. They tell a girl that they love and that they have every intention of marrying. She then thinks, yes, I love this. Now she is doing the things in expectation of the nuptials, except dude in question just wanted to get laid.

What the suit does now is that it sets a precedent for men who lie to women and pretty much have sex with them under the premise that this is going to last forever –  or at least until divorce.

We say if you want to get your dirty on and there are no expectations let her know. At least she knows and she understands the risk.

We will tell you that we have seen many instances of men conning women into having relations with them. Women like to hear certain things and men take advantage of that.

Just for now, know that, someone you lied to read H Metro and you better have $45,000 stashed somewhere.

  • Hahaha! What can i say this? retribution or hell hath no
    fury like a woman
    scorned”? Guys should never mislead just get their way into a woman`s pants, Women deserve respect!