Man scales Zuccotti Park Sculpture

As the Wall Street Occupiers soldier on in the cold of the New York fall, one young man has decided take to matters into his own hands and is now stagging a one man protest by climbing to the top of a sculpture in Zuccotti Park.

The man who is believed to be called Dylan, claims he does not represent the Wall Street Occupiers and that his actions are purely his own. He has promised not to jump but has also vowed not to eat or drink nor climb down unless Bloomberg the Mayor of New York City steps down.

The Joie de Vivre by Mark di Suvero is a NewYork City Landmark that sits in Zuccotti Park is about 21 meters tall. This has caused the New York Fire Department and NYPD hostage Negotiation Team to move in.

They have placed a number of matresses under the sculpture and an airbag just in case he does something silly. They are also talking to him at the moment but  he is not budging. He however shook hands and exchanged a military salute with one of the policeman negotiating with him. We will keep you posted on developments. Please see below image of the sculpture the man is sitting on .

Zuccotti Park Sculpture



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