Man Beats Up Wife For Bed Wetting

Byo24 reports that a Pumula East woman was beaten up and told by her husband that he is is terminating the marriage because of her bed wetting.

Western Commonage magistrate, Richard Ramaboea heard that last Wednesday evening at about 10 pm, Sibanda returned home from a beer drink only to find Matshiki fast asleep and had already wet the bed.

It is reported this angered Sibanda who had endured the bed wetting routine for several years. Senzeni Matshiki aged 26, got a thorough lashing from her husband.

The following morning, Matshiki rushed to the police are reported the beating and Sibanda got arrested. In court, Sibanda failed to pay a bail of $50 and was remanded in custody to May 11.

This is a really sad case of ignorance and abuse which no woman should ever endure. Its fortunate that there are some men out there who still think they own women.