Man Asked To Marry A Goat

Slaughtering and eating chickens, cows and goats is a tradition that most Zimbabweans look forward to during the holidays. However a man called Dziva of Chirumhanzu actually got slightly more this holiday when he was ordered to pay lobola and marry a goat he was alleged to have had sex with.

According to villagers in the area Dziva is known to habitually  find intimacy in some of his neighbour’s goats, an allegation he refuted by saying being caught in a goat pen as in this case does not mean he is guilty of any wrong doing. The Sithole family who are owners of Dziva’s latest love interest have refused to accept his plea of innocence and go further to claim that the goat is now pregnant. The Sitole’s are now demanding that he pays lobola and take the goat as his wife.

It is said Dziva was assaulted by the Sitole’s before they left the goat with him. The police have since referred Dziva to the local chief so that the chief tries to resolve the case. I guess the lesson here is that there are some things that the police and law books are unable to handle.



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