Man Gets 30 Years For Rape

What some men do when they are overcome by the need for sex is mind boggling.

Take the case of 38 year old Target Mhene of Bulawayo. The man seems to have serious problems with his reproductive system and has no control over it what so ever.

But his sexual urges have now earned him a good 30 year of his life behind bars for raping his tenant’s 16-year-old sister.

We think 30 years is not good enough a sentence especially if there is a chance he infected his victim with the virus which causes Aids. If we were to sentence him we would choose either castration at the end of his 30 year sentence, death by stoning or a combination of both.

There should be zero tolerance of any violence against women in Zimbabwe and this message should be loud and clear.

We wonder whether Target Mhene’s thinks his quest for wanting to be on target was really worth it, we may not know for sure but at least he has a good 30 years to find an answer to that question.