Of Makandiwa’s 2013 Predictions

So Zimbabwean religious leader Emmanuel Makandiwa released his predictions for 2013 after Nigeria’s TB Joshua produced his.

The highlights of what he said are:

  1. A soccer coach will be killed at a match. His body will be flown back and investigations will show he was shot by one of his players… creepy this
  2. Gifted young pastors will rise but they will lack character. They will use women as bodyguards and ushers… taking after Gaddafi perhaps?
  3. A wall will fall and thousands will die unless the authorities stop it… what wall that is, we have no idea. Some suggest it is the GNU.
  4. He saw tears on the snow, and je saw a woman`s garment, very old garment, and it was coming down. When it was down here it then turned into a flag, then he saw tears on the snow. Lets pray for other countries!
  5. Harare would expire and another ‘beautiful’ city would take its place. He says he has seen the plans. Many in his audience would buy houses there… the second capital? the one Kasukuwere denied?
  6. Three countries would fight against something he called the Dragon… is that China?
  7. Three African countries will have to fight again for their independence… we bet Ivory Coast is one of them. Lybia too perhaps. Egypt might be the other one. Or…
  8. Some prophecies will begin this year and not necessarily end this year.
  9. Powerful nations would start accepting Zimbabwe’s minerals… Kimberley? Or is he saying more sanctions will be dropped.
  10. He predicted that many would start driving their own cars…. errrr.. dude?
  11. Duties will be slashed. Business and making money shall become easier… maybe get the minister to explain this?
  12. Gold will come out of the ground… come now.

While his prophecies come across as more specific than what Joshua had to say these are a bit curious. They are in line with his gospel of prosperity but at the same time he does have enough for his believers to believe there is something going on. Really, the issues he brings up are going concerns.

Two or three of those predictions aside one could easily see that the other predictions are already in motion. If you really look at world and local events you will this.

That said it will be curious to say. Some of the things he said are bold. A lot of them are predictable.

Of course his believers will tell us that we of not have faith.

What do you think?

  • Stevejj5

    Miracles! Miracles! Prophecies and Predictions! Anyone remembers the Mayan prediction! Prophecies and predictions are not bad, they are part of national strategic goals and help mobilize national effort!
    Gold on the ground is just too far from reality!

    • It is a school of thought

      • lulu

        where else does gold come from? Of course, it has to come from the ground.

  • IngoStaR*

    This nigga smokin’ crack…gold come out of the ground? Tears in the snow? Harare would expire? He needs to say no and put down the pipe!

    • Maybe it is figurative. like diesel from rocks

    • Maybe metaphors something else? Maybe he means a renewal of Harare. Or the second city? Or maybe it is that crack you made reference to. Cue abusive language from supporting the ‘man of god’

  • tinotenda larry machicho

    is he a true prophet ,,, lets compare him with prophetic ideals like Moses ,Elijah ,Samuel et al