Lonmin Strike Ends After Wage Deal

Lonmin platinum mineworkers who have been on strike for the last six weeks have accepted a 22% wage increase and will now end their strike action.

Lonmin announced the end to strike action:

The agreement includes a signing bonus of 2,000 rand and an average rise in wages of between 11 and 22% for all employees falling within the Category 3-8 bargaining units, effective from 1 October 2012.

Rock drill operators will now get R11,078 a month before deductions, production team leaders R13,022, and operators R9,883. They will also receive a once-off bonus of R2,000.

Miners will now return to work on Thursday.

Julius Malema no doubt will claim part of the victory after emboldening the workers with his visits, the last of which was denied yesterday.

We hope that this is a start of a return to normalcy for the troubled mining industry in South Africa. As it stands other mines have also started getting people returning to work.

However it could easily go the other way. Other miners could start demanding more money after the Lonmin deal.