Locardia Calls Tsvangirai ‘Mentally Unstable’

In a shocking affidavit Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s jilted lover Locardia Karimatsenga has called him ‘mentally unstable.

Karimatsenga is pushing for the courts to stop his wedding to Elizabeth Macheka on 15 September from going a head.

She says:

My husband, I believe is still angry with me for the miscarriage. My husband I believe could be suffering from a psychological and mental problem as a result of this miscarriage.

My husband has been looking forward to having a child with me and the issue of the child had bonded us very very close and he has not accepted the fact that I have had a miscarriage. The miscarriage has mentally devastated him and is using me as a scape goat. I have not blamed him for the miscarriage. I have accepted it as God’s will. My husband has not come to terms with this. He is mentally unstable in that he has gone to marry the 2nd Respondent [Macheka] whom he met a few months ago, whom he had not even introduced to his family and his family still considers me as his wife. This shows his mental state and that is why I question his mental ability to even engage in this marriage. I believe that he is taking his frustrations of the miscarriage by marrying the 2nd Respondent. I believe my husband needs psychological evaluation and assistance.

She then adds that she wants to remain as his wife. She says she is still bound to him by customary union. If he however enters into a civil union which supersedes all other unions she will immediately cease to be his wife and lose priviledges (among which she mentions sexual intercourse) . That is what she is fighting is.

To be honest having a woman like Locardia on your case is a bit scary. It is easy to knock her for this because it does feel a little crazy.

However, we feel Tsvangirai could have handled his affairs a little better. It is so bad that many people we have come across do not give his wedding much of a chance because they expect something to happen.

It is an awful way to get into a marriage we think.

  • jade

    leocadia leave elizabeth and morgan alone