Things You Should Lie To Your Woman About

In a relationship, there is a one rule. You must never lie. Ok never is strong word, but you must not lie.However if you are asked certain questions you must lie because well, if you tell the truth then, well, you know what happens.

Unless you got Fleetwood Mac in this instance and tell her sweet little lies, then you might just be sleeping alone. There are a few other instances that we might omit but you get the idea.

The Fat Question

Now she won’t necessarily ask if she looks fat. She has a clever one. She repackages it and asks, ‘Do you think I shouldn’t eat that because I am fat?’. No matter what answer you have in your head, the answer is NO. Just NO.

The Best Friend or Relative Question

If she asks you whether one of her friends or relatives is hot. She is not asking if she is pretty. The question is , ‘Is she hot?’. The answer my friend is NAH. Even if she nags you tell her the answer is no. It can be a thousand yeses in your head but she wants to hear NO.

The Stripper Question

NO, this is not the, were you at Londoners’ on Thursday looking for Bev? question. This is the one where you have a bachelor’s party and you are asked if there were strippers. Now you don’t necessarily have to lie but commit the sins of omission. Whats stays in Vegas, remains in Vegas. Much like what happens at Chez Ntemba remains at Chez Ntemba.

The Family Question

So she is close to her family and for some reason you have to hang out with them a lot. She asks you if you like hanging with them. Bite your tongue and say even if it is with a lisp ‘YES’.

The Makeup Question

Should she wear makeup every single day? Tell her, no. She is beautiful whether she puts makeup or not and that you will always find her sexy. Whip out the old Barry White and tell her you like her just the way she is.

There are probably a few other instances in which you are expected to lie in order to keep the peace but for now we will go with those.

Just make sure she never finds out that you lied. The other side is if she finds out you lied, she might think it is sweet that you cared enough to lie.