Letter To An African Politician

Dear Politician.

I thought I should write you a letter like all good citizens do once in a while.

Please do not be afraid, I did not write this letter because I am interested in your job. I am not too keen on being ruler of any part of this earth; my endeavours are more direct in nature, with immediate material outcomes.

Besides, I hate playing hide-and-seek, as far as I’m concerned the devil is working very hard to rule this earth and those that are ruling it are most likely the devils little babies.

As you may know, politics is not a cup of tea or a Sunday afternoon walk, politics is a game for the strong, strong-egoed with bloated perceptions of their worth to God’s planet,  its a game about who the last person standing is. It’s all a question of outdoing your enemy, becoming the better man, the one who has the last word or the one who makes others eat their own words.

I hope after reading this you too,will see the light and realise that politricks is just but a game. Don’t take it too seriously or else you will get it twisted.

You may be thinking “oh but I care about my community and wants to see a change” That may be so, but the truth is people never become politicians because they care, that’s the bull-dust you sell to your victims. People become politicians because they are driven by power.

Communities are full of unsung heroes who will never be on national television or fly to London, New York or Milan. It didn’t take them to be in politics to make a difference.

So I have decided that trying to vote anyone between any two politicians is like choosing apples from apples you are both politicians after all. Voting for you never solved my problems yesterday, it will never solve my problems today.

Don’t worry I will not stop others, my neighbours the proletariat, the masses, my brother nor my sister from loosing their voices while they root and sing songs in your praise.

Yet I must commend all politicians for their efforts to deceive people, I find it rather intriguing just as I would a cock fight. Cock as in chicken.

The truth (sadly so) is that people just don’t get it. If they got it, they would know that you and your other politician friends don’t care about us. Politicians do not give a horseshoe about what happens to us or our offspring. You only worry how full your pockets and bellies are.

But dont worry, your secret is safe with me, like I said I don’t want your job.


Son Of The Soil.