Kunonga Challenges Eviction From Church Properties

So the Anglican Church of the Province of Zimbabwe, led by Archbishop Nolbert Kunonga, is seeking to get back control of the properties in Harare which were given to the Church of the Province of Central Africa represented by Bishop Chad Gandiya in a Supreme Court decision last week.

They have engaged prominent Harare lawyer Jonathan Samukange and filed separate court applications to stop evictions which are meant to take place today.

The first is for a stay of execution and the second says that ACPZ is the legitimate owner.

The argument? The Supreme Court judgement was made against Kunonga and ten others in their personal capacity. Kunonga is a separate entity from ACPZ so therefore the church itself could not be removed.

Judge president George Chiweshe will hear the matter today.

You just knew that this matter wasn’t going to go quietly. With the reports recently by the priests on Kunonga’s side being all defiant you just knew something was brewing.

Here is an idea though. If you call claim to be worshiping the same ‘God’ then why not share? Isn’t that supposed to be the ‘Christian’ thing to do.

Or be like them Masowe dudes and just find a tree and worship from there

Ah, religion.