#Kony2012: Film-Maker In Bizarre Rampage

Jason Russell,the gentleman who is partly responsible for the Kony 2012, campaign that has gone viral is reported to have gone a little crazy.

The filmmaker and Invisible Children co-founder is alleged to have gone on a bizarre rampage, which included vandalizing cars and masturbating in public.

Russell’s wife is blaming her husband’s irrational naked public breakdown on “extreme exhaustion and dehydration”. She also claims that Jason has never had a substance abuse or drinking problem.

It’s possible that extreme exhaustion and dehydration could have left Jason a bit of stressed especially after the scrutiny got for his film about Kony where some people accused him of benefitting from the plight of those he claims he wants to help.

What we don’t understand is the masturbating in public bit. The man could be having more serious and stressful issues at home that we just dont know of. The wife’s quick defense also makes us wonder if all is well in the bedroom.

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