Kirsty Coventry’s Parents Want Lobola For Marriage

Zimbabwean Olympic legend Kirsty Coventry’s parents want her fiance to pay lobola before she gets married.

In a custom that is often reserved for the black section of Zimbabwe, it appears as if Tyrone Seward, her fiance will have to fork out as much as we do in order to get the lady to be his woman for the rest of his life.

Said Kirsty:

Right now we are celebrating our engagement but we have not yet decided about the wedding. Tyrone is currently working on his lobola for my father. He knows that there would be no wedding before paying lobola.

Now we know that if she was black and from Masvingo with her accomplishments, the whole lobola would be anything clse to $100,000. We have seen some people $50,000 simply because she had a university degree and had a job in Sandton.

Mind you, if this becomes a trend – white parents demanding lobola for their kids – all those who thought they could dodge the whole thing by marrying a white girl could be stuck in it. Mind you, we are happy to see the Coventrys soaking in the African customs. We love that.

What do you think though? If you were Kirsty’s dad, how much would you charge for her?