Johannes Tomana Argues Himself Into 12 Year-Olds Having Sex Shocker

Zimbabwe’s Prosecutor-General Johannes Tomana probably needs the country’s equivalent of Max Clifford for this one.


The man tasked with getting sexual predators off the streets has just brewed a shocker.

According to The Herald, predators should go scot-free because well, the girl needs support. She was 12, bored, consented and had sex and well, he wants to take care of her so let him.

Tomana started off well, really, talking about the need for a holistic solution to these things. That is, keep kids busy so that they do not get round to madness.

Then he started mentioning cultures that permit marrying off little kids, saying that, laws should not force them to behave because they have their cultures. Well soon enough some cultures will allow incest and we suppose the PG will say that it is OK because it is culture.

Sure, we understand that the situation is complex but when the top law dude comes out and says something so weird, essentially giving a green light to sickos who target little kids, then we are in trouble.

Remember, he doesn’t even take into context the idea of a coaching. A 40 year-old degenerate can coach a 12 year-old into consent. So she will consent but who gave her the idea? He seduced her into consenting so it is OK?

In effect it is proven that girls who are disadvantaged are more susceptible to abuse because their defensive mechanisms are limited. Now of course, our law guy says that girls should pretty much be allowed to be married off at the age of 12 to escape poverty. Essentially sold off.

The law does not agree with him. So wait, what is he speaking about?

Maybe he didn’t say it. Maybe we didn’t get context. But some of the things attributed to him are pretty shocking.

In any serious country he would have had to quit his job today, no questions asked.

Are we a serious country?