Jilted Lover Faces Murder Charges

Prichard Zimondi the Chitungwiza man, who reportedly fatally stabbed his girlfriend 15 times, yesterday appeared in court facing murder charges after killing Monalisa Chinomona, his 19 year old girlfriend.
Reports say Zimondi, (24) had been dumped by Monalisa Chinomona on Monday after a fight.

It is alleged that on the day, he went to Chinomona’s place where she was alone in her bedroom. He reportedly entered the house unnoticed, headed to the kitchen and armed himself with a kitchen knife.

Zimondi went to where Chinomona was sleeping and stabbed her with the knife 15 times on her left breast. After the act, he reportedly left the knife stuck on the deceased’s breast and ran away.

He was later caught in Harare while trying to flee to Gweru. It is alleged that Zimondi had Chinomona’s pantie and bra on him.

This case will loosely rest on whether this was a case of a crime of passion or premeditated murder. Establishing or eliminating premeditation will lessen the provable homicide to manslaughter with no death penalty and limited prison terms.

Although some people are calling this a crime of passion, the fact that Zimondi was dumped, had an argument with Monalisa then returned to kill Monalisa makes us think that this was clearly a premeditated murder rather than a crime of passion.

As we await the final verdict we will continue to give you updates on this case.

Zimondi:The Man Accused of Murdering Monalisa

Source:The Herald

  • BigSoks

    Even if he had been dumped on the spot, the fact that he went and armed himself in a separate room from where the crime took place eliminates the crime of passion factor. If you come home and find another man on top of your wife, if you leave the house and go outside to fetch an axe it is no longer considered a crime of passion. Crime of passion occurs within the rage of the moment. Dude is going to hang! #my5cents