Is the Internet killing our manners?

Franke and the Knockouts sang a the song the time of my life way before the Black-Eyed Peas got round to it. There was even time for Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes to do the song for the finale of Dirty Dancing. RIP Patrick Swayze.

That paragraph was not meant to show of my knowledge. After all much of that information is thanks to our friends at Wikipedia (follow the link).

It just seems as if quite a few people in Harare are beginning to have more of the time of their life online rather than in real life. The people around them are beginning to feel less relevant than those on Facebook or Twitter. It is a disturbing yet rather curious fact of life. It is like the first time we heard Stewie talk on Family Guy. And the things he said.

Many will say that social media has helped them to keep in touch the loved ones and make fun of those that used to be fly in school and have turned into rather ordinary beings. We add our share the 6 billion photos that are uploaded onto Facebook every month to emphasise our version of success.

How many can say in all honesty that they haven’t been sitting in a room full of people that we are supposed to be cool with but we still checked our Inbox to see if there was anything there. Not that it was urgent but we just did. And how many of us excused ourselves when we did this?

The net is fun but so is life. In fact life is the fun part. So life is fun but the net is part of it. Or the net is…

Oh heck. Go and read book! Try and find the time of your life there.

In fact… talk to somebody, offline!