International Men’s Day 2012 – A Time To Reclaim Honour

It is that time of the year again when we have International Men’s Day, with this year’s theme being positive male role models.

Now, we are not the sort to stand on the top of mountains singing from hymn books, sounding the whole positivity mantra. That said we do not endorse douchebaggery either.

The sad reality of the modern man is that we seem to have lost our manhood. At some point in the history of mankind, honour meant something. A man’s word was his bond and things meant a lot. You couldn’t go around promising things you had no intention of doing and getting away with it. Now there is this sickening hero status that is given to lying, cheating and stealing your way to the top.

Men pride themselves in lying to women and abandoning women they have made pregnant. An effective politician or businessman is one who is skilled at being deceitful and making deals with other men of disrepute.

Imon and Me, Sunday
Father and son, honourSukanto Debnath / Foter / CC BY

Of course there are still honest men out there, choosing to live honourable lives. They make countless sacrifices every single day for family, friends, workmates and the society at large and do not even look for anything in return. They don’t look to be congratulated for doing the right and honourable thing. They are not trying to get their names in newspapers, blogs or whatever publicity people push for when they are doing philanthropic works. That is because there is no honour in the photo-op.

It is reclaiming the spirit of ubuntu, where the word philanthropy does not exist. You do the right thing because that is the only thing to be done. Not simply because it is right but because it is unconscionable to even think of doing anything to the contrary.

So on this International Men’s Day, it is time to get our manhood back. It is time to reclaim our humanity and be honourable once again.

UPDATE: Today is World Toilet Day too. We are not sure what to feel about that. Thanks Ranga Mberi

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