Inquest Set For Gen Mujuru’s Death

It appears like Zimbabweans will soon have some insight regarding the death of former army commander General Solomon Mujuru.

If reports in the local press are true, an inquiry is set to begin in open court from 16-20 January. A magistrate will question witnesses and lead evidence in open court. Forensic experts from South Africa are also expected to give expert opinion  in the case.

The silence of the Zimbabwe Republic about the case had forced people to formulate all sorts of conspiracy theories about his death. Even Vice President Joice Mujuru, the widow of the late army commander is on record for asking the police to quickly resolve her husbands’ mysterious death after investigators appeared to be moving slowly with the case.

The goal of an inquest is not a determination of guilt; it is a determination of facts. In this case the inquest will seek what caused the death of Mujuru.

General Mujuru, who was a key political figure in Zimbabwe, was killed when a fire gutted his Beatrice farmhouse on August 16, 2011. He was declared a National Hero for his contribution during and after the Zimbabwe’s liberation war.