Are Independent Women More Casual About Sex Than Men?

So I have a few independent, liberal female friends right? And being so they have what they call splakavellis (casual sex partners who are good for sex and nothing else). And in these arrangements they like the control. They like the fact that he satisfies a certain need and that is good for business.

She just wants your sex, shamwariShan Sheehan /Foter

There is as well know annoyance that comes when someone you don’t really want to date, wants to date you. What is becoming increasingly common is  #thatawkwardmoment when he says that he loves her and she thought that it was just sex.

Of course she cringes, pukes, goes into some sort of weird trance-induced delirium or buys a tub of ice cream because she didn’t want him like that. She likes him, yes, but in her head and in the rest of her soul he is just a friend. He just happens to help her out from time to time with certain things, much the same way another friend will get her airtime because she is not anywhere near the shops.

I am more often than before, coming across women who tell me that they used to have a frenefit until he just got weird. He started thinking they were in a relationship and making demands like they were in one.

Sins of the father it looks like, as this frustration that men are now going through used to be the preserve of females back in the dark ages which would be about 15-20 years ago. They had to deal with a man who used them and then suddenly said, “I thought you knew it was just sex”.

Don’t get it twisted. There are still loads of men who are having casual sex and doing what our parents did when they misbehaved. The difference is that men tend to be more jealous when they have liaisons with a woman and then see her with someone else.

The fact of the matter is that liberal women compartmentalise much better than the ‘modern man’. Sorry gentlemen but this is true. They know which space you live in. They know what your function is. Not that they won’t get a bit jealous when they see you with someone else but they are not likely to then tell you, those three words because of a moment of blind panic. For them this is part of a power game as well, so they are not likely to be too keen on losing some of that to you.

Maybe this is what empowerment is all about. Or are some men turning into wusses? Whatever it is, it has got me thinking…

Perhaps that is why they tend to have less sex

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