Honest Cab Driver: A Triumph for the Human Spirit

Last night I was hanging out with friends and we decided to move from Bannie’s at NSSA House to the rugby bar ar Harare Sports Club. We got into a random cab and we made our way  there.

One of our crew dropped the cellphone in the cab driver’s car and it seemed like the end of that. The IPhone was gone, especially after we tried to call and there was noone answering the phone.

Then suddenly he picked up the phone and he said he had the phone and could we meet him after he had dropped off his fare.

True to form we met up with him and he handed the phone over. He didnt ask for anything and we offered him the little we had. I am glad he accepted it.

Just feels good to know the human spirit still lives in Harare.

Thank you, Nhamo from Ceenoc Cabs.