Of Women’s Virginity And Zimbabwean Men

So then we were reading this article we came across an article where Iraqi women face a court-ordered virginity test order.

Now, in Iraq like many strict Muslim countries virginity can be a matter of life and death where people found to not be virgins before marriage are disowned by family and even stoned by relatives.

Now in Zimbabwe there is still this idea that the woman should be intact when said young man goes to pay for for lobola at the girl’s house. Thus the question unomuziva here? (do you know her, the Bible way) posed to the young man. If you don’t know way around this question, the answer could result in what you are charged being inflated.

With the liberal view of the world taking over the street and society lying to itself about conservatism you wonder whether virginity is still important. The girls will say yes because until she has a child or daddy has seen her in action (which is rather disturbing if you ask us) she is a virgin. In reality the social construct that we are still a society that cares about things of that nature makes a bunch of us liars.

There are girls in convent schools who have done things that are unspeakable but they will maintain that they are good girls that could qualify for the nunnery.

Look at it this way, not many men can say they broke up with girl because she was not a virgin. The only way that happens is because she was a virgin when they started going out and then some other fella came and took that stuff and ran off with it.

So is virginity important to men? To be honest, probably not. In fact, we know of some of our heathen brothers who are of the belief that the more sluttier she is, then the hotter she must be. Some men like that experience.

Does it make a girl more attractive? As a trophy maybe, because we have those men who like the thought of being the first to take her down. Yes, they still exist.

All in all, we are pretty glad that the consequence of a virginity test failure are not as crazy as in Iraq.

OK, it might mean more in Dulibadzimu or Dotito but not so much in the urban area.

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