iPhone 4S: Who queues for 18 days?

The Apple I-phone 4s is on sale today, 8AM New York time. For those that didnt know, New Yorkers tend to go crazy over new toys and things like Nike sports shoes and phones usually lead the way. In fact crazy is a bit of any understatement; psychotic is more like it. Take for instance some people have been queuing for the new I-phone 4s. Some of them have been standing in that queue for 18 days, yes 18 days.

Now what right thinking person stands in a line for a phone for 18 days ? And where does this person work? There are now companies and organizations that come and provide these people with food, coffee and blankets. Most of these people bring their own tents and sleeping bags but after 18 days they start running out of food. And in true America style people will always find to profit.  Take one Jessica Mellow, who is being sponsored by Gezelle with food tents money and a free iPhone for being first in line.

Another person riding on the buzz of the new iPhone  is the other Steve from Apple, Steve Wozniack who seems to want the attention of the press at any given opportunity. He too has been standing in another queue for the past two days. Why, only God knows when we know Apple can Fedex a few boxes of the phone to him.

With the rain begins to pour its a sad sight seeing people being slaves to their own materialistic impluses. Talking of rain the Wall Street Protesters have been given upto 7am ( NYC time) today to vacate Zucotti Park where they have been camping. The reason they have been told to move is to make way for cleaners to clean the private park. We will keep you posted on the impending showdown with the police that is expected.

[ something in my gut tells me the S in iPhone 4S stands for Steve but dont take my word for it]