How to behave with an older girl: 7 Golden Rules

Experienced people say that girls are creatures from another planet. Then it turns out that older girls are creatures from other universes. How to behave with them?

Nick Cnnon and Mariah Carey in 2008 PIC: Flickr/Urban World Film Festival

No one knows the exact answer to this question, but we know 7 rules, compliance with which will help you maintain a good relationship with your lady even if you are 16 and she is 65.

Fake Machismo is Ridiculous

Many young people make a stupid mistake – they try to seem more solid and more experienced than they really are. Sometimes it comes to the complete absurdity – yesterday’s teenagers hide their skateboards, Converses and hoodies, to exchange all this for a three-piece suit or, even worse, a classic outfit of a middle-class manager. Are you seriously? This is exactly what adult women cannot see. This is what kills all sexual desire in them. So stop playing the macho. Be yourself – this is exactly what she needs from you.

Learn to Listen And Hear

Remember that during sex an older woman wants to have fun. She does not perceive sex as a possibility to self-affirmation. If she has experienced an orgasm, you will certainly know about it. And not from her words, but from the language of the body. Agree, this happens less often with younger girls. They need to discuss the quality of your and her orgasms (they like to exaggerate their number), and also how skillfully she was. Adult women are not interested in this weird stuff. If she tells you that teasing nipples is not something that pleases her, just listen to her advice. Be a good boy, listen to her bits of advice and try to keep your mouth shut if you are not sure that you have to say something smart. That’s what younger guy seeking an older girl for marriage online should do.

Do Not Plan Her Day Off

Her understanding of a perfect day off is surely different from yours. And it may be different beyond recognition. She likes to read good literature, get up no later than 9 a.m. (even on her day off), cook real, delicious coffee and spend the day with benefit, if not for others, then for her own soul and body. Eating burgers and pizza, watching wrestling and The Simpsons, smoking weed until the vegetative state – all this does not fit into the understanding of the ideal Saturday of a normal adult woman. So plan your free time together.

She Does Not Care About Your Friends

At least at first time. All that she wants from you is a good sex. Some young people perceive this attitude with resentment. Completely in vain. What were you waiting for? That she is with you because you are so smart, reliable and rich? That’s funny. She began to look at the young guys at the moment when she realized that her husband, having long overstepped the line of maturity, no longer arouses her sexual desire. Sex is what unites you. If sex is good and you follow our golden rules, she will see you as a person once. But not now.

In order to have sex, she does not necessarily need to meet your friends. Believe me, it’s not at interesting for her – you exist in different worlds, whether you like it or not.

Do Not Be Upset That You Are Not a Millionaire

She’s not interested in your money at all. Unless, of course, your dad is a casino owner or an oil tycoon. She perfectly understands that you are young and you still do not have the opportunity to earn so much money to give her everything she wants. If you are dating a really good woman, she will teach you how to deal with finances and you yourself will not notice how you will become a serious, experienced man who knows how to earn and save money.

Be Careful With Sex

If you are 20-25 years old, then it will be hard to cope with your sexual energy even to your peer. Older ladies have long passed the age when any lost opportunity to have sex was perceived as a crime against one’s own personality. For them, sex is like an exquisite delicacy, which is really good only when it is not part of everyday life. In addition, older women no longer have the strength to withstand your sexual cavalry raids. You should be discreet and do not insist on intimacy with the offense of a sexually-anxious adolescent if she does not want it. Dating an older girl means showing some patience and respect.

Never Lose Self-Control

Perhaps you will not understand some of her actions. Perhaps she won’t always be cautious in saying about you or your friends. Believe me, a hot older girl has the right to do so. Moreover, she does this not from natural bitchiness, but from quite natural sarcasm. If you learn to take this sarcasm, it will make you better. But an excessive demonstration of emotions can ruin your relationship. How to get an older girl to like you​? Be discreet.

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