HOTEL REVIEW: Forest Hills Resort, Vumba

When you walk out of your exquisite room in the morning, the first thing that hits you is the visual explosion of beauty that is the valley all the way across to river across on the other side of the border, in Mozambique.


Built in the 60s and run by its current owners as of the early 2000s Forest Hills Resort in the Vumba sits perfectly in a world that is quaint but not so detached from the rest of life that it feels like some time-warp excursion.

Its biggest winning point is the quiet surroundings, the perfect place for bird watching and unrestrained deep introspection. Add to that the writer working on a project or a couple’s getaway reconnect.


Because of the way the facilities are set up Forest Hills is quintessential for weddings too. Exchanging vows with the breathtaking view of the world near the pool right next to that lone tree is the stuff romantic novels are made of.

Also, because there is currently no network to make GSM calls (it is fully covered by WiFi though) it means you can take your employees there for team-building exercises without the unwanted attention from incessant calls.

An ideal conferencing and weddings space is almost complete but the facilities to do incredible things for the occasion already exist.

It is over 30km from Mutare so you will want to make sure that the full stock of what you need is with you. Forest Hills Resort does have a bar (you will love the fountain in the background) although those with particular palates might need to carry their own, The drinks are affordable so you don’t have to fear blowing a budget imbibing your favourite common delights.

What we did find needed some work was the food particular the execution of the bacon which was often a bit too crisp.  The same could be said for the bangers for breakfast and attention to detail there will make the stay more pleasurable.

That said it is a place we give an absolute recommend. The staff is extremely helpful and very friendly adding to the romanticism of being away from the hustle and bustle of the busy cities we call home.

Forest Hills is ideal for doing nothing… or that one special thing.


At $90 a night it is charm personified. We love it.

For more information on Forest Hills Vumba click here.