Honeymoon Killer Suspect Dehwani Insults Africa

Shrien Dewani’s extradition to South Africa has been temporary halted on medical grounds.

Dewani is supposed to stand trial in South Africa for his part in the murder of his wife  Anni Dewani while on their honeymoon in Cape Town, South Africa. He stands accused of hiring men to kill her during a taxi ride.

His appeal was based on

the effect of his extradition on his mental illness and the lack of facilities for its treatment, but also on the high risk of HIV/AIDS infection and attack, particularly sexual violence, from other inmates.

The mental illness is the one that was held up but we found the rest of the basis for appeal very offensive. What this man is basically saying is that if he were to be brought to Africa as a suspect in a murder he should be put in special facilities different from other people who are murder suspects.  In essence he is asking for treatment that would not be accorded a murder suspect would be given elsewhere. His reason is “those Africans will give me AIDS!”. We are glad to hear that the judge dismissed this.

Now they should sort him out and hand him over. He used Africa as his ground for execution once. That was an insult. Then he called us diseased and unfit to try him. We will not stand for this.

  • Mimai

    His request is understandable. Third world prisons are horrible and who would visit him all the way here. Even murderers have human rights.

    • Basilmakoni

      He hired an African accomplice to commit the crime on African soil, he should be tried where he commited the crime together with his co-accused. He should have known about African prisons when he decided to be a killer in Africa-so he must face the music in an African prison.

      • Tk

        I agree, being a millionaire he dewani cold har gone anywhere in the world but he chose to honeymoon in Africa. Southern africa at that. If he was so scare of aids why didn’t he make plans to take his new wife to some place else. Who is to say they couldn’t get raped in broad day light in SA, after all they went to the ghetto twice, if not thrice.

        Secondly, why isn’t he keen to find out want really happened to his wife? If my husband was killed in foreign country on what was supposed to be one of the esteays of our lives I’d move heaven and hell to get justice. I’m surprised dewani isn’t really bothered

      • He thought we were too stupid to catch him

    • So don’t commit the crime.