Honest Cashier: Another Triumph For The Human Spirit

This past Thursday I was out as I normally am in those hours that most people would rather be snug in bed in. Yes, those hours.

Now as has become the practice at that special hour I passed by the food court along Samora Machel Avenue opposite Holiday Inn. While waiting to get served at Pizza Inn something interesting happened.

A gentleman who was obviously intoxicated and not from around those parts handed the cashier, Tendai, a $100 note. She served him and gave him part of his change. The rest was to be given to hime when the order was done because she didnt have change at the time.

Now cop this. He insisted that he had given her only $20. An exchanged ensued and he insisted he had given her less than he actually had. Only after I had a word with him and convinced him that she was right did he accept the right change.

A different person would have simply pocketed the difference but Tendai chose to be honest.

A triumph for the human spirit this is. It goes on to o show that we always have choices.

Respect to Tendai.

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