Homeless Child Killed in Hit And Run. Who Will Mourn Him?

This morning a life was taken at corner 4th Street and Samora Machel Avenue. Somebody’s breath expired and noone is going to notice except for the few people that were present as well as a few kids he played with.

He was probably someone we found annoying when we went to the food court along Samora Machel Avenue or viewed with suspicion when he walked past us. Most times we didn’t notice him or care to notice him at all. After all, he wasn’t our problem, was he?

Now that he is gone, those who saw the accident will be upset for a few hours and then life will carry on. We will still be annoyed when we see one. We won’t even get him a loaf of bread once a week or something because we believe he dropped out of school because he is a bad boy.

Who will mourn him, now that he is gone? Where is our humanity? Where is our sense of being?

What are we now?