Harare Residents Attack Two Zebras

Harare residents reportedly attacked two zebras that are believed to be part of a family that escaped from Lion and Cheetah Park yesterday morning.

One of the zebras was found in Budiriro 3 and taken to Tichagarika Shopping Centre in Glen View while the other was found at a house in Kuwadzana 5 where it had been trapped.

An official from Parks, with the assistance of policemen, used force to disperse people gathered to catch a glimpse of the animal.

Although there was legitimate concern that the animals could have hurt someone, what really got people excited was the idea that the Zebras wound up in an urban area due to juju gone bad.

This sentiment seems to be what turned people into eager-beavers about the whole affair. It is said in both instances the mob attacked the animals, some people even used stones.

The news of the Zebras quickly spread with others claiming that one Zebra was periodically changing from animal to human.

Commenting on the incident one of the Parks officials, Mr Anton Newton, said-

“There is nothing mysterious about this. The animals have escaped,”

There is a rather disturbing tendency that some people have of assigning everything and anything that they cannot explain to the supernatural. Although there are a lot of creepy things that people do, not everything that happens is due to juju or witchcraft…

Source:The Herald