Harare Municipal Police Using Pregnant Women To Entrap Taxis

So the Harare municipal police has come up with a new idea to catch errant taxi drivers.

A trick they have up their sleeves is one in which a pregnant woman approaches a taxi that is ranked in an undesignated area. She asks to be taken to the nearest hospital. He lets her in. She gets in and they start moving. Next thing, she says she is with the City Council and the said taxi driver is under arrest.

Now we are all for law and order and the number of taxis and kombis in areas where they shouldn’t be is ridiculous. It won’t be long though before one of these pregnant women finds herself in a situation that could be a little, dangerous. The sanctity of life is not something natural to most people.

You have to say the trick is a messy because it puts a person who is genuinely trying to get a lift in a position where she might be refused one because she is suspected of being with the Council. Clever, but messy. Of course maybe if they mix it up with other tricks then they can have a field day but in reality, it could tip the other way too.

The congestion is a mess but we have to be a bit careful don’t we?

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