Harare Men Believe Bulawayo Women Are Better

It seems as if a general rule of thumb, Harare men prefer Bulawayo women over those in the capital city.

There has been a recent increase in the number of women being ‘imported’ into the big city for a weekend or the number of men making the journey to ‘Skyes’ for fun time.

Some of the main reasons being given are

  • Bulawayo women are less superficial. You can have a discussion with them and they are not afraid to be who they are
  • Bulawayo women are not as materialistic as the ones from the big city. You can have a good time without having to splash. And when you do splash she really appreciates it and she doesn’t have too many expectations after it.
  • Bualwayo women are more straightforward and they will tell you what’s up.
  • Bulawayo women know how to simply have a good time.
  • Bulawayo women have bigger asses.
What that actually means in real terms I wouldn’t know because what is a good time for one is not so good for the other.
A snap survey of a couple of friends and familiar strangers from different locations did show that while the general feeling was that the Bulawayo women were ‘better’, that stemmed from the fact they were simply a form of variety which didn’t mean that the Harare ones were necessarily worse.
When asked, when a choice needed to be made between a Harare or Bulawayo girl, most men would chose a Bulawayo girl. However what was interesting was that a lot would end up marrying a Harare girl because they were afraid of what their family would say if they brought a Bulawayo girl through. Some of those who had married Harare girl confessed to keeping a Bulawayo girl on the side.
I am sure this will upset a few a few Harare girls but a few of the Bulawayo guys like the Harare girls too. Except, for those who like bling, they don’t have much of that!
  • we juss ol e same……….

  • F Chingombe

    Weeelllll! I’m a Shona girl who grew up in Bulawayo and I think this article is almost spot on!!! Harare girls do seem to have this ‘ we’re better’ attitude but it comes from a financial and superficial angle. You can even see how the so called ‘rich’ women dress! All the colours of the rainbow,her entire tube of black opal (wrong shade at that) and her pink nails and all her gold jewellery!! And when they want to match the outfit- what an eye sore! I love pretty things too,but not all at once,I like simple and laid back and the outdoors and when its time to get dolled up,I’m all for it. I think growing up in Bulawayo kept me grounded,even now when I compare myself to my cousins my age in Harare,we’re so different. I think with regards to marriage,people need to get over the Shona/Ndebele thing. Its about time. That said,I wouldn’t want to marry a Ndebele man. I actually do find they are very different to my Shona boys…I like to have fun….clean honest fun,….sun,shorts,meat and loved ones…no pretences!

    • That comment was awesome until you killed it at the end with prejudice. A shame.

  • patdee

    I am from Harare and I tell you I not all of us are like that. This is a pathetic stereotype. Not our fault if you cant handle an independent woman.

    • This is just some people’s opinion. And it doesn’t apply to every woman

  • Machuma

    I am also a Shona girl I grew up in skies and moved to Harare.The problem is that Ndebele women treat guys from Harare like they are kings. I don’t see anything wrong with liking expensive things that YOU can afford- Ndebele women like to be taken care of- their lazy (hence they are easy for the regular Shona guy).
    Shona women work for the pretty, expensive bling that they wear, hence our men have stepped it up to match our standards…and I wouldn’t get married to a Byo boy because i like a man who is a MAN, and Ndebele guys just don’t cut it for me unless they were raised newhere but Skies (e.g Harare/ Jozi) I think that its because of this Shona men find it hard to keep-up, whilst they go backwards looking for easier targets. Shona women are moving forward going International men, those we think can handle what we are willing to work for!! By the time Ndebele girls catch up to us, we would be married to Moroccan Kings whilst they milk our poor Shona boys for a better life. I am not offended that the married Shona guys have Ndebele small houses-th hussies know their value/positions!!!

  • Boardhouse

    Most Harare girls are gold diggers they try to be kim kardashians , forgeting we in Zimbabwe were there is load shedding , few jobs and pot holes everywhere