Harare Fourth Worst Capital To Live In?

So there are loads of headlines obsessing about Harare today. They say the Zimbabwean capital is the fourth worst capital to live in.

The survey by some organisation is based on daily hardships and political risk. The British-based Economist Intelligence Unit put Harare 137th out of 140 cities surveyed and gave it a 39.4 rating on a scale to 100 for ideal urban conditions ranking it marginally better than Lagos in Nigeria, Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Looking at detail Harare scored as follows:

  • Stability: 30
  • Healthcare: 20.8
  • Culture & Environment: 55.8
  • Education: 66.7
  • Infrastructure: 35.7

What do you think? The thing that we always find curious is the fact that they keep harping on about Harare even as far as New York. Remember when some other crew said we were the worst, then someone said we were 2nd worst. Then now… ah well, you get the point. Anything to keep us in the news.

So what do you think? Are we the fourth worst capital to live in, in the world?

  • Jon

    The numbers could change a bit on the stability but the water issues and power outages don’t help at all. Healthcare looks mostly at government services and those ain’t good at all is I would say the numbers are fair there. But it easy to fix, throw money at the problems

  • Sizzla

    Unfortunately, the poor infrastructure, lack of jobs; inconsistent power supplies in addition to poor water quality & non-existent refuse collection means that Harare isn’t one of the cleanest or easiest cities to live in. It certainly is a beautiful city but one feels a certain sense of pride has been lost… perhaps this is inevitable as you make the transition from colonialism to independence but tell me – how can those individuals in power ignore the hardships the majority of Harare residents have to endure? I love Harare but I can’t live there… If only people would stop defending their position and take a look at the world… we might not be perfect (and let’s face it what government has the right answer) but we enjoy good health-care, clean streets, clean water, adequate power resources and most importantly – education that opens the mind, teaches us to think critically and empowers us to take our destiny into our own hands…

    • We have seen some of the names on that list placed higher and they are worse than Harare

  • Nyarie

    While the power and water supply is an issue I wld say we are better off than most war torn cities where pple have to live on edge all the time and also our education is great and infrastructure better than Most esp Malawi which has poor town planning and no develpoment at all most buildings are what we find in the downtown side with 2 storey buildingd and an indian family living above their shop…so we are definitely not great but we sure don’t deserve to be put 4th from last

    • Sizzla

      I think comparing yourself to a war-torn country proves my point! Honestly, don’t you have larger aspirations…?!

      • Sizzla

        Oh yes, and I should add… I teach in Harare and you’re smart exceptionally so… but, how can I put this mildly, some individuals have a narrow field of focus…

    • True on the Malawi front… The war-torn areas were excluded from the survey

  • Teflon

    I’ll defend my city and country as much as the next person but lets be honest here. harare sucks, particularly if you’re well travelled and know what modern cities function like. whether we’re 4 from last or whatever is irrelevant…its the fact that we’re even up for consideration says something. we cant continue setting low standards and failing to aim higher for our city. I dont care that some countries in africa are supposedly “worse” cities, why should we put up with all the bad things then point to others say “but their worse”? the average hararian has to put up with water cuts, power cuts, filthy bus terminuses, low salaries, high cost of living, no say in the running of your city/country etc, I could go on.

    • Sizzla

      Hear, hear! Finally, a sensible response!

    • But is all about perception creation. It speaks of perceived political risk as if you have a higher chance of dying in harare than you do in Johannesburg or Pretoria.

    • Teflon

      you’re proving my point. all you’re doing is saying “well such and such a place is worse”. we are on this list because our city sucks mate. i would rather live in Zim than SA anyday because of issues such as crime, but I am under no illusion that Harare isnt exactly a world class city. as far as politics go, you’re a Zimbo, you should know better. Do you have the balls to mention heavy weight politicians by name when discussing sensetive issues on your website? do you think our law-making is transparent and politicians are accountable? yes your chances of getting car jacked are high in SA but its possible to drive around for years without being affected whereas in Zim, what are the chances of going for 2 days without a powercut, or 2 days with water. every so often ordinary citizens are turned to criminals overnight due to unpredictable laws, that are often overturned because they weren’t well though through.

    • Teflon

      also…I was in joburg visiting a few months ago admittedly looking over my shoulder for car jackers but for 2 whole weeks nothing happened, I cam back safe and sound. when my friend came from joburg to return the favour recently, he experienced a power cut on the first day, no water, throughout his stay he had to put up with constantly being stopped at numerous road blocks on every road because of “GP” number plates. he came at a time when all zim motorists were told the new licensing date extension thing had been cancelled and witnessed me his buddy being turned to a criminal overnight coz my local post office never had zesa so I failed to meet the “deadline” even though it was initially “extended”. What perception do you think this guy is going to return to SA with mate?