Harare Fourth Worst Capital To Live In?

So there are loads of headlines obsessing about Harare today. They say the Zimbabwean capital is the fourth worst capital to live in.

The survey by some organisation is based on daily hardships and political risk. The British-based Economist Intelligence Unit put Harare 137th out of 140 cities surveyed and gave it a 39.4 rating on a scale to 100 for ideal urban conditions ranking it marginally better than Lagos in Nigeria, Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Looking at detail Harare scored as follows:

  • Stability: 30
  • Healthcare: 20.8
  • Culture & Environment: 55.8
  • Education: 66.7
  • Infrastructure: 35.7

What do you think? The thing that we always find curious is the fact that they keep harping on about Harare even as far as New York. Remember when some other crew said we were the worst, then someone said we were 2nd worst. Then now… ah well, you get the point. Anything to keep us in the news.

So what do you think? Are we the fourth worst capital to live in, in the world?

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