Harare Doctor Faces Rape Charges

A Harare medical doctor, Dr Alfred Mamsa is facing rape charges for allegedly drugging and raping one of his patients.

The doctor denied ever drugging her, saying he administered a painkiller but she never passed out as alleged. The court also heard that the doctor escorted the woman home, and that she asked him to take her to a food court where she bought pizza and returned into the vehicle.

The woman maintained that Mamsa raped her. She dismissed Mamsa’s claims that he injected her with a painkiller, arguing that he drugged her with an unknown drug. She said Mamsa instructed her to remove all her clothes for him to properly carry out the examination.

Dr Alfred Mamsa lawyer’s told the court that the woman, an economics student at Africa University in Mutare, had genital infection and therefore could not have raped her.

This case raises a few questions, for instance why did the patient not run to the police as soon as she could?

As for the doctor why did he ask the patient to take off all her clothes? Escort the patient home?It is also said he apologised to the patient twice for some unknown reason, what was the apology for?

As for the doctor’s defense that the woman had a genital infection therefore he could not have done anything, seriously ? Men have been known to venture into very dark and dangerous places for lesser rewards, sorry we just don’t buy that one.

We will keep you updated on the case.

Source:The Herald

  • justice

    more questions to be askes…..what drug was adninistred and is it routinly used for that type of check up, secondly does it affect memory? is it possible that her memory cleard only after the drug wore out? sounds like a possible date rape situation – shes 21 he is 56 – does he normally take hus patients home? isnt he supposed to call her next of kin in he is giving her heavy drugs? also this doctor does have a history as a perv has any one looked into that?

  • Mbune

    justice are you asking if he has a history as a perv or you are actually telling us that he has a history as a perv? personally i think its just a love affair gone wrong and now this girl wants to fix the doctor by laying rape charges.

    • justice

      i am telling you he has a history and was dismissed from a hospital for reasons he should have lost have lost his licence in a civilized country. he is also rumourd for administering illegal abortions thats why young ladies frequent his surgery after hours

      • We also heard about the illegal abortions thing but without evidence we didn’t think it would be fair to put it out there.

    • Well we will see what the law says

  • Mbune

    kasi Justice u know him personally cause you seem to have a lot of 411 on him? so wt wz he discharged for from the hospital? and besides the discharge and the unproven abortions what other perv history does he have?? as for the abortions people are doing them anyway in their backyards and dying as much as it is not legalised he might as well help those that want and do it medically and safely rather than have these girls die after they try to remove the pregnancies with cot hangers and dangerous concotions…we could see wt the law will say but the law doesnt always get it right you know. basically this is just a your word against mine case because there is no evidence…i thnk there is more to the story than what meets the eye!

    • You seem to be a fan of the doctor

      • Mbune

        m not a fan per say,,,just analyzing the story as it is, because truly speaking from the story there is no evidence at all, its all hear say,,,that’s y i would like to know the apparent perv history as it could shed more light regarding the doctors likelihood to have committed the crime,,,because these days women do take advantage of this gender sensitivity and feminism thing to score their differences with men and falsely cry “rape” knowing that the law already has a soft side towards issues of women abuse and all…so people should not just run to conclusions lest an innocent man goes to jail for a crime he did not commit.

        • What if he is a rapist?

          • Mbune

            …then they should prove it beyond doubt that he is a rapist and produce some reasonable facts and evidence,,,a men is “innocent till proven guilty”…as it stands there is no evidence.

          • WE are not saying he is guilty but he does have a bit of a reputation around town

          • Mbune

            thats y i asked what other perv history/reputation does he have besides illegal abortions??? could help me understand what kind of a man he is…

          • Why tho?

          • Mbune

            lol guys thought yall can read, wani i said maybe it could shed some light for me on the doctors likelihood to have committed the crime and could help me understand his character, so i can make a more informed judgement…

          • I don’t think we have enough information on THIS case to say he is guilty but then again the fact that he claimed she was a patient and could not produce a patient card raises questions too.

  • Mbune

    I do agree that there is not enough information or evidence on this case to say he’s guilty or not, but you still not answering my question,,,what other perv history does he have besides illegal abortions that have been mentioned??? iv worked in a surgery before and it does happen that patients cards cannot be found and when patients are seen after hours when the nurse or receptionist has knocked off they do get treated without cards, and the next day the nurse or receptionist writes the card, its not something knew.

    • Well there are other people who have talked about his after-hours service. We can’t give more details for legal reasons of course.

      • Mbune

        After-hours service as in what…male prostitute???

      • Mbune

        what legal reasons??? m sure pple can express their opinions in a free zimbabwe, we not tokn politics after all…so what are these after hours services?

  • Info

    so the doctor admits to administering – dormitum midazolam – a sedative drug (it also causes amnesia etc so it is possible that it took the patient some time before she fully understood what had happened to her) the use of the drug in this situation in itself should be investigated whether or not the rape occurred. Also it appears he lost her treatment card plus the sample of the drug used – how does a doctor give such a drug without recording it – the medical society should revoke his license based on his admission of not adhering to professional standards. She asked him to call a cab and he offered to drive her home any decision made by this girl after she was drugged can not be taken as being 100% consensual. If she “imagined the rape” as he claims Rape is a very complex issue in itself and there are always issues of why didn’t she report earlier, in this case the drug effects may have played a role. Also it was said in other reports that this man was a family friend the trust levels must have been higher. Whether he is guilty of rape or not this Dr has a lot to answer to where is the medical society – shouldn’t they be doing their own investigations to protect the medical profession and the publics trust. Should fathers be scared every time they send their 21 year olds to their doctors. A 21 year old is still very much a child for a doctor to be telling her “i like you” – isn’t there a doctor patient code being broken. When any inappropriate relations step between doctor and patient the doctor is held responsible because of his position.