Harare Doctor Faces Rape Charges

A Harare medical doctor, Dr Alfred Mamsa is facing rape charges for allegedly drugging and raping one of his patients.

The doctor denied ever drugging her, saying he administered a painkiller but she never passed out as alleged. The court also heard that the doctor escorted the woman home, and that she asked him to take her to a food court where she bought pizza and returned into the vehicle.

The woman maintained that Mamsa raped her. She dismissed Mamsa’s claims that he injected her with a painkiller, arguing that he drugged her with an unknown drug. She said Mamsa instructed her to remove all her clothes for him to properly carry out the examination.

Dr Alfred Mamsa lawyer’s told the court that the woman, an economics student at Africa University in Mutare, had genital infection and therefore could not have raped her.

This case raises a few questions, for instance why did the patient not run to the police as soon as she could?

As for the doctor why did he ask the patient to take off all her clothes? Escort the patient home?It is also said he apologised to the patient twice for some unknown reason, what was the apology for?

As for the doctor’s defense that the woman had a genital infection therefore he could not have done anything, seriously ? Men have been known to venture into very dark and dangerous places for lesser rewards, sorry we just don’t buy that one.

We will keep you updated on the case.

Source:The Herald

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