H-Metro: A Good Example Of Bad Journalism

Some time beginning of this year we wrote an article airing our disgust at how H-Metro was crossing the decency line in their journalism. We complained about how the paper often publishes disturbing images and use of explicit language on their website.

Months later this bad behaviour seems to continue unabated. We are proponents of free speech but frankly the level vulgarity and pure crassness that the local wannabe tabloid has continued to dish out really boggles the mind.

We know people love reading shocking stories about the weird things humans do when it comes to sex and other know human preoccupations. However this does not mean the writers at H-Metro should use every given opportunity to use the F-Word or any crude verb known to man.

Zimbabwe Papers the owners of H-Metro as well as the Herald are dropping ball on this one and the censorship board seems to be sleeping on the job. Increasing readership must not come at all cost and we feel there should be a moral line where the buck stops.


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