Guilty Of Falling In Love…With a Donkey

People have been known to give all sorts of excuses when they find themselves in sticky situations.

Take for instance the case of one Sunday Moyo of Zvishavane. The 28 year old who was found having sex with a donkey tied to a tree outside his home. In his defence he explained that the donkey was actually a prostitute he had hired at a nightspot that had somehow changed into a donkey.

Moyo does not deny the bestiality charges that he faces in court. He admits to the sex act and claims he is in love with the woman-cum-donkey. I guess he was caught doing what comes naturally between lovers.

The Judge was however not having any of this; he ordered psychiatric evaluation to be done to determine whether Moyo’s wires were still stitched together. He also remanded Moyo in prison until sentencing.

This world is full of weird people and people like Moyo add to this weirdness . If however the story that Moyo is telling is somehow true, then it would be interesting to know why the donkey has not turned back into the woman ? If he is lying where did the donkey come from?

Usually the respect that one gets in prison depends on the crime committed. In this hierarchy of respect It is said that  murders tend to instill fear in all other inmates.Hence are respected out of fear of what they can do, while rapists are considered the scum (at times instantly becoming  other inmates mistresses, the extra price they pay for preying on defensless women and children) I therefore wonder what kind of treatment Moyo is getting while he is locked up.