A Guide To A Successful One Night Stand For Women

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So there were calls by women for us to even the odds after the guide we put up for a guide to a successful one night stand for men.

We realised one thing. We are not women so in reality we were not going to nail it without talking to women who hunt for men for one night stands. What was easy to find was that most women are on the hunted end of a one night stand. The dude susses them out and then well, he has his one night stand and life goes on.

When we quizzed some about hunting men down, they were inclined to not doing so lest they were referred to as mahure (whores, bitches or ho’s).

Then we came across one.

She gave us a general guideline for how she does it and we supplemented it with our dear friend, google.

The first thing noted was that if the man was coming to her place she had to keep the place nice and clean. Ideally you want it to be at your place because it is in familiar territory. You are more secure there than on foreign ground.

When out, make sure you are with a group of friends and make sure they are not hotter than you. This will confuse your target less. Unless your target is hammered then he won’t really care. But then again, don’t go for a hammered target. You want someone you can dupe into thinking they are in control. Don’t get drunk either because you are in control. It is your mission, not theirs.

When having the conversation, don’t ask questions that are too personal. Don’t ask about his love life, his girlfriend, his mother or whether he has plans to have any kids. You don’t care about his future because you have no interest in being part of it. Complement him physically – that’s what you are interested in after all – but don’t overdo it.

When it is time, tell him straight up that you are going home and he is welcome to join you. Don’t do the whole hinting thing. Guys don’t get that. We never have and never will.

When you get down to the sex, make sure that you focus on your pleasure. You lured him to your lair so don’t be afraid to go all out. Tie him up, do the nastiest things that you can think of. You don’t plan to see him again so he doesn’t matter. But make sure you use condoms, no matter what excuse he gives. Kick him out if he thinks condoms are lame.

When you are done, kick him out. If he stays, he is going to start thinking he has certain rights and priviledges. What he has to understand is that all this happened on your terms and not his. It’s your turf. And as a side-note make sure that you pick a guy who can find his own way home. Last thing you want is that when you are done he is like ‘Hakuna makombi ekumaraini izvezvi bhebhi’ (There is not public transport to where I live at this time of the night).

To do all this, you have to have a thick skin because you got laid, no strings attached. Some people will call you a ho but who cares?

Our source certainly doesn’t.