Gringo To Star In Feature Film

Lazarus Boora is set to star in a feature film called “Gringo – Chikwambo Chiya Chadzoka”.

Boora rose to fame for his wisecracks as “Gringo” in one of the most popular sitcom on ZBC-TV aptly titled “Gringo”.

According to the producer of the movie Lillian Chidavaenzi, the film is set for release between March and April. The 90-minute long film was written by Enock Chihombori who also wrote the television series. It is directed Ben Mahaka. Mahaka an actor in his own right, wowed audiences as Tom Mbambo in another ZBC-TV production- Studio 263.

There no prizes for guessing that the theme of the film is comedy. The film is a tale of a young man – John – who is in love woman called Mary (played by Evangelista Mwatse) whom he wants to marry. In his quest to marrying her he approaches a traditional healer and inadvertently falls into the trap of the devious Gringo.

This is not the first Boora has graced the silver screen; some of you may recall he played a minor role in a movie called Yellow Card.