Google Misbehaving In Kenya

Google has had to publicly apologize on behalf of their team in Kenya who seem to have been trying to put their fingers in other people’s cookie jar.

The apology comes after management at Mocality, an online business directory in Kenya, fingered Google for using Mocality’s data to find local businesses to sell Web hosting services and of falsely telling potential customers that Google was partnering with Mocality.

If these Shenanigans are true, then shame on you Google staff in Kenya, because the world does not really like big bullies. There is something unattractive about people who like pushing others around. Morally we think  its just not cool, It is like a 17 year old stealing the lunch of a 5 year old then saying they are sorry for doing it.

For a company that has a motto like ” Don’t be evil “ they could be closer to evil than they think.


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