Google Offers Internet-Connected Glasses

Google Glasses

Google this Wednesday announced internet glasses which they have been secretly developing.

The glasses, which are still in a prototype stage, would place a small see-through display screen above a person’s eye that can show maps, text messages and other information.

The wearer could use voice commands to, say, pull up directions or send a message to a friend. Apple is also reported to be working on a similar project.

Wearable computers are quickly becoming everyday products. For instance Nike began selling a bracelet called the Fuel-Band earlier this year that tracks a person’s activity. A company called Jawbone sells a similar monitoring device called Up. The list goes on.

Some analysts say wearable computers are the precursor of imbedded technology that will either be on the surface of the skin or implanted by people to enhance their interaction with the world.With all this crazy technology coming out one wonders if there are some people who know what we don’t know.

Google is really taking the technological lead, from cars that drive themselves to glasses that are computers, the company sure does wants to take us to the next frontier.At some point all of the gadgets we now use were things only found in Sci-Fi movies.

This latest invention is therefore a sign of things to come. However as technology advances the line between man and machine could become a bit blurry.

Soon very soon it wouldn’t be surprising to see a person who is half human and half machine.

It obvious that we overdosed on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Terminator” movies, but we are sure you get the point.

Check out the Google promo video below-

If the video does not play follow the link here.