Golden Pilsener launches Legends Forum

It is a great moment for two of the top  things to come of Zimbabwe.


Zimbabwe’s premium beer brings you the Golden Pilsener Legends Forum.

The forum is a recognition the unmistakable legend in you and wants to elevate it to the rest of the world.

It is a new and exclusive platform created for Zimbabwe’s inspired young men and women whose mission is to beat a new path in the journey of this great country. It looks at the venerable leaders of tomorrow in the business, arts, sports and pretty much any other sphere ready to be shaped by the ideas of an aspirational generation.

Golden Pilsener through this forum bring these bright minds to share ideas and aspirations on a wide range of subjects. In this cauldron will be the opportunity to learn, inspire, provoke conversations that lead individuals to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

And it makes sense given the beer is the first choice for Zimbabwe’s professionals and decision makers of discerning character from middle management to senior management levels. With the legend in you being the future leader, it is perfection personified.

It’s by invitation only so go to to reserve a seat and find out more about upcoming events.