Does god Favour Others

Please note god with a small g is not the same as God with a big G.

We had an interesting debate two days ago. Where the question was paused  if god favours certain people. Now this is not just a case of racism, take for instance the case of Bulawayo girls causing distress to their Harare counterparts over the issue of curviness, is a typical example.

We know trying to talk about religion almost always  causes a brouhaha of sorts but before people start the finger pointing, we just found it strange that there always seems to be one group of people who are able to extert influence which has undue psychological,physical, emotional, material and a hoard of other nasty consequences on another group.

Our explanation for this is that someone somewhere in the cosmos is showing favour towards one group and thus making  the other suffer ( this obviously  depends on whether you infact believe there is anything out there in the cosmos in the first Place) but then again we could be wrong.