One in Three Girls Raped or Sexually Abused Before She Turns 18

Startling statistics of from ZimSTAT and UNICEF research show that one in three girls get raped or physically abused by the time they reach the age of 18 in Zimbabwe.

60% of boys in the same age-range endured extreme physical punishment and abuse.

Of the form of abuse 90% of kids were survivors of sexual abuse. Most of the girls age 12 and above were abused in the homes of their peers or boyfriends. Those below 12 were abused at home. 70% of cases were in the urban areas.

90% of perpatrators were male with an average age of 22. In 40% of cases this happened more than once.

The depressing part is that only 2.6% of abused kids received support and care. 97.4% tough it out on their own. That means they have absolutely no treatment at all.

This survey comes in the wake of police recently reporting that more than 50% of rape was that of minors and in the household. Yes, we are talking about kids being abused here. What was the figure? 81 kids in two weeks.

The study also shows that abused or neglected children will smoke cigarettes, abuse alcohol or take illicit drugs during their lifetime. One in three of those would go on to victimise and abuse their own kids. Yes, we are breeding abusers too. That means those 97.6% who are not cared for risk becoming drug abusers and the works and then abusing their own kids.

It does make the sick come into your mouth doesn’t it? Sometimes you see kids walking down the road acting a fool and you just think that they are just randomly being so, even rebellious. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, they are victims of abuse.

And they can’t tell anyone.

With information from the Sunday Mail (Zimbabwe)

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