15 Yr Old Girl Raped By Father

The Herald reports that a 40 year-old Gutu man allegedly raped his teenage daughter as punishment for being obsessed with young boys.

It is allegedly raped his 15 year-old daughter after summoning her to his bedroom to reprimand her for showing interest in and having affairs with boys.

The man allegedly called the complainant into his bedroom hut from the kitchen where she was and strongly reprimanded her for showing interest in boys.
He then allegedly ordered the complainant to remove her pants but she declined.

The accused then allegedly sweet-talked the complainant to remove her clothes, reportedly promising not to harm her.

The state alleges that the complainant then agreed and removed all her clothes to which the accused tripped her to the ground and raped her once before threatening strong and unspecified action if she ever reported the matter to anyone.

The suspect has since appeared before a Gutu magistrates’ court facing one count of rape.
Gutu resident magistrate Mr Nyasha Vhitorini, last Friday, remanded the man in custody to May 17 this year.

Some men do not believe that a woman means “no” when she says “no”, and in their sick minds feel entitled to continue to pressure a woman, and ultimately coerce or force her into sex, but for a father to rape his own flesh and blood… now that’s an act that deserves the heaviest sentence the courts can give.

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    Im a 11 year old and sometimes i look 16 but i mostly LOOK LIKE AN 14 YEAR OLD and Rember Im Only 11 so iv been in love with boys and im lyeing my age saying im way older cuz i can fail for it like my OLDER CUZ DID WHEN SHE was YOUGER and she told me now she don’t have to lie her age NOMORE cuz SHE’S NOW @7 and its like she’s saying its ok.and i lost my viergianty when i was 9 or 8 to a 14 year old ex boufriend

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    I meant to say that she is now 17 .and i know i spelled it rong but he poped my chery i didt bleed thowe thet saved me the inbarset ment

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    What the hell!!!

  • Incest and Rape are illegal and immoral… What’s this world turned to… *sigh*