Girl Falls Off Stage On American Idol

Viewers watching the current edition of the reality music show “American Idol” were shocked on Wednesday when one of the contestants seemed to faint and fall off the stage.

Symone Zaire Black had just finished a decent performance of her version of Otis Redding’s “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay,” when she seemed to wobble as she tried to maintain her balance.

Symone was unfortunately standing too closely to the edge of the stage when she fell of the stage, hitting her head on the way down.

Now we understand that television producers are always trying to get the money-shot that creates the thrills that viewers want to see, but we think it should not be at the expense of other people.

If Symone planned the fall just to remain on the show then shame on her. If the show was live it would have been understandable, but it was a recorded show and surely If this was not a planned stunt then the producers could have cut out the fall.

In the quest of trying to entertain us, television producers are showing more and more obscure things on TV just to please the fans.

Watch the video of Symone falling below-

  • NginathaAmahewuPhansiKoMthunzi

    Go away 3-mob, i thought it was funny as hell. How she kind of started swaying and blinking funny, then BAM! I giggled. many times. She is really pretty though. But did her own father laugh at her at the end there??? hahahahahaha. Awesome dad, you not getting my millions when i make it big. Maybe she had a bhabhalazi kwazi bani? long as she didnt die i will laugh.

    • Well it was a bit ridiculous. I think the cameras may have made it a lot more dramatic than it really was