Gigolos on the Increase in Harare

A friend and I were driving through an area that is known to be popular with the heathen sisters and we noticed something that caught our eye. There were some blokes on the street and they looked like they weren’t going anywhere.

Now in one of these heathen sister colonies there is a pharmacy and my friend stopped to get something. Then a car stopped and picked up, after negotiation, one of the heathen brothers and buggered off with him. I wasn’t really sure whether the person who picked him up was male or female but the transaction happened.

So I, being of a curious mind went and approached the heathen sister who we shall call B, who confirmed that the said heathen brother was indeed, heathen and that he was not the only one. I didn’t want to come across as a being a bit too interested but B seemed happy enough to tell me more than i had asked for.

She added that some of them were the sort who look for blokes while a lot were being picked up by older women. Also there were some who were picked up by drivers to service some important person or the other.

A few days later I bumped into B at a watering hole. We carried on our conversation which I encouraged with a bit of that befuddling stuff that comes in a bottle. She pointed out a few people I had seen around who were regularly engaged customers and some whose perversions swung both ways.

A friend of hers joined us, N and she added more meat to the discussion. They said some of them go into clubs and approach women much the same way that any woman is approached by a bloke. Then he somehow wiggles his way into saying that an occasion meant a charge. And surprisingly, quite a few woman approached are willing to pay for services.

The only snag, N said was that a lot of these gigolos tended to be willing to be irresponsible with clients. In other words they could easily, for the right price not use the condom. And they are more likely to do that than heathen sisters.

It’s all part if a sexual revolution taking place in Zimbabwe at the moment.

Each to his own I say. Each to his own.


  • RueJay

    Mmm each to his own as our country goes down the drain hey ?