Ghost Weddings:A Strange Practise

All those men who may be stalling on marrying their girlfriends we suggest you read the following story.

TV producer Chadil Deffy has married his long-time girlfriend in a ceremony that can only be described as different. The wedding would have been just like any other wedding in the Philippines, but the only difference is that the bride in this case was well …dead.

The couple, who met as students at Eastern Asia University, had been together for ten years and had talked of marriage. Unfortunately, Ann, 29, was killed in a car accident on January 3 2012.Chadil said they had postponed their wedding due to his studies and their busy schedules.

At first this story left all the members on the Boat a bit startled, but another quick search on Google led us to even more bizarre similar weddings.

In Zimbabwe we only know of the bodies of dead girlfriends being dumped at boyfriends doorsteps, usually because the family members of the woman belive that the boyfriend caused her death. We never see actual wedding/funeral ceremonies.

It however  apperars like Ghost weddings are a common practise in some Asian cultures.

I know such a story will cause responses like “awww” “cute” and so-forth from our more romantic lady readers. I  love my girlfriend I really do, so do I think Chadil’s actions were noble-certainly, at least he maned-up in the end right?, was it a case of  too little too late- certainly, would I do ? mmmm, I plead my right to remain silent on that one.

To Chadil Deffy, we hope he gets over his grieving and continues with the business of life, there is little that he can do at this point that he couldnt do in the past ten years of dating his girlfriend .

I guess the moral of the story is life is too short and we should never find excuses to be with our loved ones.

Due to our respect of the dead we decided not to post the images but, those that have the stomach for it, please follow the link here.