Be Friends With Your Husband’s Small House – MP

The MDC-T MP behind the proposal to legalise prostitution has come up with a new suggestion.

The Honourable Thabitha Khumalo has urged wives to be friends with their husbands’ small houses (mistresses) in order to curb HIV. She is of the belief that men are going to cheat so essentially it is best to accept that and create an ‘understanding’ with said husband’s other partner.

She added to comments by Vice President Joice Mujuru that instead of fighting the other woman, it was best to build that understanding. While the VP was talking about saving marriages the MP was talking about HIV.

Now on the face of this it looks a bit silly but when you think of it, it does make sense. It certainly makes more sense than  Senator Morgan Femai’s suggestion that women become unattractive to curb the spread of AIDS.

We remember in the the ill-fated constitution-making exercise of the late 90s, when we met a rural woman during the outreach programme  who developed a sophisticated argument in support of polygamy.

A woman we had traveled with from the city had campaigned strongly against polygamy. There was afterwards an exchange of this sort:

Rural Woman(RW): Are you married?

Urban Woman: Yes

RW: Do you know where your husband is all the time?

UW: Yes

RW: Does he cheat on you?

UW: Absolutely not.

RW: How do you know?

UW: I just know. He respects his vows.

RW: The difference between you and me is that I know better. I know my husband will find another woman. What I do is I allow that woman to come into my homestead. At least I know who she is and what kind of behaviour she has. That way I know whether she will give me disease. As for you, you don’t know what the other woman does.

There was a huge applause after that.