Fresh ideas for an ideal date

Many men have problems with coming up with new ideas for dating. And it concerns ideas not only for the first date but also for romantic rendezvous in the already held relations. We came up with several dating options for you, to cheer up your romantic relationship.

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You Just Met

It’s hardest to come up with an idea for a first or second date. Many of us want to impress the girl we met among many other girls dating profiles with our originality, but many of us have imagination in its infancy. We sit down with a notepad and pen, we begin to convulsively scramble from memory corners what we consider original, write it down, re-read and it frightens us because of our own commonplace. Then we start to google and it turns out that there are two types of ideal date for a woman: dinner at a restaurant or a parachute jump somewhere over the jungles of the Amazon. The first is banality, the second is originality. The golden mean does not exist. So, this is not true. Here are some ideal date ideas for first meetings:

  • A joint dinner is good. But it’s even better if it goes after joint active pursuits. Invite her to a bowling club, air hockey or mini golf. Let her win, but not too obviously, pretend that everything is fair. So you will have an occasion to make a rematch. After that, you can go to a cafe to have a meal or a restaurant to arrange a full-fledged romantic dinner. Any girl will appreciate it.
  • Go to a picnic. Let each of you cook something special. Do not forget to take rackets for badminton, frisbee or something like that. Cook simple and delicious food. Also, take a bottle of wine with you – it fits perfectly with fresh air, eating after games and the charming beauty you want to impress. Lunch in the open air is excellent for a sincere conversation, and this is exactly what you need on your first date.
  • Farm Fair is another great place for an ideal date. There is always an atmosphere of celebration, fun and romance. The abundance of delicious food and drinks will cheer you up, even if on the eve you lost all your fortune in poker. Drink a couple of cocktails and take part in competitions, which can be found at every fair. It will bring you closer together and create the first joint memories. At the end of the day, you will have many topics to discuss – find a cozy cafe and discuss your impressions. Perhaps she will even invite you to her place.

You Are Dating For a While

To some of us, it may seem strange, but volunteer work perfectly unites people. Especially if they are in love. The feeling of usefulness makes human soul noble and treats any resentment of the world, surrounding people or themselves. When you return home, you will feel that your connection has become more sacred. You together today made the world a little bit better and your love became something special. After the work is done, have a dinner. You can invite friends and invite them to join you next time. After this experience you’ll always have a clear answer on what is your ideal date, mind you.

Go to a cafe with board games. Even if till this moment Monopoly or Alias caused you an irresistible desire to go to bed. In the cafe, where fans of board games gather, it is always fun. Believe me, these people are able to infect anyone with their enthusiasm. Just start and you will not be able to stop. The spirit of healthy competition will unite you – it will be interesting for you to spend time together. In addition, after such a date, there is always something to discuss. The feeling of the time spent in a completely new way in the company of a loved one is something amazing.

You Are Already Married

Feel in your hometown as tourists. If you live in a megalopolis, ride on the excursion bus. Have lunch at the cafe. And ideally, book a room in a good hotel and stay there for a night. Look at the city and on each other in a new way. You will definitely like it and it is possible that such “outings” will become a new tradition. You can schedule it for the anniversary of your wedding. She will definitely like it.

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