Foreign Investors: Africa’s New Colonisers

There first wave of colonisation was not very different from the current one. Our forefathers were offered material things for vast tracts of land, the value of which was song compared to what the invader was getting. They were sanitised then by religion with the missionaries fronting the campaign.

Now, the West, China and India are at the forefront of a recolonisation of the continent. The West will offer you legitimacy in exchange for huge contracts and tracts of land. The Chinese and the Indians will offer not to interfere in your internal affairs. The Chinese will go one better. The next time there is that vote on the UN Security Council, they will veto it. All this of course in exchange for huge contracts and vast tracts of land.

When they farm, it is not for the benefit of the locals. When they get huge commercial contracts they go to the huge capitals across the world and leave the hosts barren. In some instances they create crises in host countries, wage wars so that they can get contracts to rebuild countries. All this in the name of democracy.

And with a generation of leaders that is all too eager to be corruptible, they denigrate  influence of ideologies fought for by those who sacrificed themselves to fight the initial colonisation, the future of Africa is up for sale.

The sad thing, is the power of the future sits in the hands of a westernised, elitist, self-serving African core. They will claim that what they do is to avoid corruption. They are the corrupt ones.

  • Letitia

    for Africa to get away from this they run away from the dependency syndrome , Africa should start to work on their own without that , we will continue to be taken advantage of by the privileged western countries

    • Three Men on a Boat

      Given the resources the continent has, its really possible to move away from depending on aid and foreign investors. Africa should start thinking and believing they can do it alone.

    • PJ

      Given the resources Africa has, it possible for it to stop depending on aid and foreign investors. Africans need to start doing it on their own.